My name isn’t Kittie, I’m nearly 30, German, mother, wife, half digital media designer, half something else, comic book enthusiast that doesn’t know nowhere near enough about anything, music lover, tattoo enthusiast, like meeting new people but can’t stand socializing, one of my favorite hobbies is roleplaying (as in: create a character   and unleash it on others in a certain setting), I love skulls and zombies, when I grow up one day I want to be happy, I like craftsy things, serial killers, weird TV shows and fonts.

I was born and raised near Hamburg in Germany and that city will always be in my heart, but I seem to be drawn to small towns in the middle of nowhere. In July of 2012 I will move back to Canada and I intend to entertain/bother/supply you with as many details on that journey as I please. If I could I would live online, so there might be a lot of updates, who knows. I’m also the only person my age that has never owned a smart phone.


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