Canada tastes like chicken


Because everything does, right. RIGHT.

Today we had the first rain since I got here and as far as I heard it’s been dry for a while longer. After working on our WINNEBAGO OF DOOM every Sunday since we got here (and last Monday too because British Columbia Day was clearly made to sit out in the prairie sun and sweat like a pig while replacing roofs) I was begging for rain. No, really, I was. With the Peace Gumbo (that’s how our friend calls the thick, weird mud out there, don’t know if that’s a common term or not) dried up with cracks about a foot deep… And you out there in the sun all day, the only fun being crawling under one of the many old cars with some of the seven dogs or riding around on a quad… you kind of understand why people go nuts in the desert.

That’s what people back in Germany usually don’t get. “It’s supposed to be cold up there.” Yes. In the WINTER. Canadians do not live in igloos all year round.

Sometimes they live in Winnebagos and collect strange things. Antlers and rodeo trophies? Alright. Horseshoes yes. But HOOVES? We found the strangest things in the Winnebago we only got for spare parts. The dude owning it used to be a rodeo cowboy of sorts and I particularly like the things that were painted on the thing./ Unfortunately they painted it white for the auction so there won’t be photographic evidence. The word “Wannabango” comes up every now and then, a different spelling on each side. The one in the back is still there, but they forgot the a in the middle. Tragic.

This is a very pointless post, really. But the good news: I will get a laptop in early September. Let’s hope I will get internet, too. I know my husband and his very literal ways.

There were so many things I wanted to talk about, like the 70th anniversary of the Alaska Highway and old army trucks being mean because they made me want to get a sewing machine to make uniforms. And lots of other, really funny things. But there’s a thunderstorm building up out there and I lost a good post to a power outage yesterday. Bare with me. At some point this will be interesting again.


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