Are we hoarders?


What is it in Canada that brings out the pack-rat in my husband?

He’s been there for barely a month, let me list what he has managed to accumulate so far, starting with the things that are in fact necessary:

-a Ford Pickup

-a house (magic tricks and voodoo were involved to get a rental on such short notice)

-our old furniture (that our friend had in storage for almost four years, hoping we’d be back. Aw!)

-Two 70s Winnebagos (yes. Two. one, of course, is for parts)

-A choice of old, busted cars he gets to pick from

-Offerings of at least five dogs and seven cats.


I don’t know how this is even possible. I get that he is alone. My sleep pattern is completely gone now, I have watched more episodes of my favorite TV shows than one could possibly consider sane, I smoke too much and feel very moody because there’s nobody around to pester me with little remarks or that I could hug. my cats hate me just about now. But I can’t even blame him for all of this, at least most of it. We need a place to live and we need a vehicle. The rest? People just offer it.

Last time I seemed to be a magnet for stray animals, even our friend’s half wild pack of dogs seemed to like us. And now people just think “Them Germans like animals, let’s ask them if they want out unwanted [insert random species here].” Oh, I was offered a filly last time, too. One with a disfigured leg (that could have been treated early on if someone would have bothered to care). But apparently they thought that in Germany people know how to work a miracle.

And we did buy a ratty old Bel Air, which is now owned by a guy here in Germany. Damn near broke my heart to sell it. We worked on it every weekend for months and people thought we were crazy. Except those guys that thought my hub was a lucky bastard because I cooked and worked on cars with him. Anyway. Now they seem to think since we enjoy working on old cars and most of them have a ton of them rotting away on their property anyway, maybe we want some. Hence the Winnebago thing, which is kind of neat since we get to do little trips with the kid and everything. Once we finished working on the interior. Expect loads of pictures once I followed. Fifteen more days.

And if anyone knows where I can get my hands on a halfway decent Impala (’67, won’t settle for anything else) in B.C. or Alberta… Well. I’d like one. As a project for next summer. Looks like I might be getting into the hot shot business. Seriously, my husband keeps digging up job offers and every time he mentions the pay I could cry. At least twice as much as I would get here. Today took the cake. Quadruple the pay I’d get here for a similar job. Seriously, Canada.


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  1. So, I just found my way here from Google+. Which I check once every… Well, you posted the link June 8th and what day is this? No really, I actually don’t know what day it is. But I know June 8th was a while ago. Anyhow, you’re kind of making this process absolutely fascinating. This blog = one more reason to cheer you on as you work for Internets Money :3

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